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1.       I need a cake to serve 100 people but I’m not sure exactly what I would like.  Can you help me decide?

Of course!  When our customers have questions about their custom orders we schedule a consultation for you to meet with a decorator.  At these meetings you will go over cake sizes, flavors, and designs.  These take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10-2.

2.       I love your cupcakes!  Can I order a cake to taste like my favorite cupcake flavor?

 Yes!  Any flavor cupcake can be made into a cake.

 3.       When is the latest I can place my order?

 We prefer all orders to be ordered a week in advance.


4.       Do I need to have a consultation to order a cake with just an icing boarder and writing?

 No, cakes with just an icing boarder and writing we call simple cakes.  These can be placed with an employee at the counter or over the phone.  When ordering a simple cake, you have the choice between colors and what you would like written. 


5.       I don’t have time to come in for a consultation but I would like a custom cake, what should I do?

We also offer over the phone consultations.  These take place Tuesday-Saturday any time before 2pm. 

6.       I love the edible cookie dough!  Can make it into cookies?

 Unfortunately, no!  The edible cookie dough has no eggs in it, so it would not properly bake.


7.       Do you offer anything that would be great for bringing to a party?

 Yes!  We offer assorted cookie trays, brownie trays, and gift sampler boxes. 


8.       I can only eat vegan/gluten free foods.  Do you offer anything that would accommodate my needs?

We do offer vegan/gluten free cupcakes and cakes. If you have a dairy/gluten allergy we can NOT serve you our vegan/gluten free products because they are baked in an environment with dairy and wheat products.  Our vegan/gluten free products are for customers that do not have a dairy/gluten allergy.

9.       I am interested in selling Buttercup’s products in my store.  Do you offer wholesale pricing?

 Yes we do!  If you are interested in receiving our wholesale menu please email management@thebuttercupsbakeshoppe.com

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